About Us

Naked is a game-changer in classic clothing style. By creating bamboo-derived wardrobe essentials that look and feel amazing, you’ll want to keep your clothes on.
Firmly believing that what is good for us should also be good for the environment; Naked is committed to reducing the environmental impact of textile production and is proud to be sweatshop-free.
Our Story (so far):
Founded in Melbourne by a small team of passionate creators, Naked has positioned itself at the forefront of bamboo fashion across Australia and New Zealand.
The vision is simple; to uniquely bring together classic style and quality to create long lasting wardrobe essentials you’ll never want to take off.
The bonus is, Naked is able to commit to reducing our environmental impact through using natural, sustainable fibres and is proud to be sweatshop free.
Despite originating as a men’s brand, a demand for a women’s line has led to a rapid growth in business and the products are now being shipped worldwide (free, we might add).
Needless to say, Naked wouldn’t be where it is today without the dedicated family and friends who have each contributed in different ways. A special shout out to Lyndsey, Gemma and Benita who have been instrumental in shaping Naked.
The work and time given to Naked from Meagan, Sam, Jamie and Kalie is also very greatly appreciated!