Why Bamboo?

Those who ask are those who haven’t tried… but we’re glad you’ve asked!
Soft, breathable, free-flowing and lightweight, there’s barely any reason to wear anything else.
Bamboo Clothing is also inherently antibacterial, anti-static and loves sensitive skin.
We can all agree, caring for the environment is a top priority; as bamboo is a sustainably sourced product, its rapid and low maintenance regrowth means a full and eco-friendly lifecycle. Nothing is being taken away from our Earth that can’t be given back. So you can breathe easy, especially since bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases leaving our air fresher and crisper (like your wardrobe). We’re talking no trash – literally – when we tell you bamboo clothing is 100% biodegradable.  
So go on, give bamboo clothing a go – you know you want to!